Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Burger Revival

It’s been 3 years since our last Burger Blog entry. WE KNOW YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEATS. The truth is that traveling, babies, and new jobs are life game changers.
Thank you to those that have asked about the Burger Blog—we appreciate your diligence. One thing has always remained: our appetites for scrumptious burgers. And so we’re back!

Our first stop back on Burger Boulevard is Lamar Lounge. If you've never been to Lamar Lounge, these are reasons enough to go: 1) the bar is a restored 14-seat 1800’s Brunswick bar which was once owned by legendary actor Eddie Fisher, and 2) all profits from Lamar Lounge are donated to Mississippi not-for-profit organizations.

That being said—Lamar Lounge does a decent burger.
The burger is appetizing to look at, (shout out to the French fries for being delicious). What’s nice is the waiter/waitress will ask how you want your burger cooked—to which most of us responded with medium, while one lived on the wild side and went medium rare. We all got medium or medium well done burgers. It’s not a steak, so we will let this one go, but I've never had a burger here that was perfectly cooked the way I wanted it. Such is life.

Cheese does not come with the burger; you have to ask for it. They have your standard choices of cheddar, Swiss, and American. Then it gets crazy – they offer PIMENTO CHEESE for a cheese on a burger. Ummm, how cool is that? Respect, Lamar Lounge.

It was mentioned that it would be nice to have had a fully constructed burger. Our toppings (mayo, mustard, ketchup.. etc.) were not already built together. The condiments were placed on the side and we had to put it together ourselves.

The absolute biggest disappointment of all was the price of the burger. $12. Pick your jaw up off the ground. Okay, it’s a really tasty burger, and the fries are worth the trip alone, but that’s the SAME PRICE as a burger you would get at Snackbar, a way more upscale restaurant. And the Snackbar burger includes the frites covered in parmesan magic with some kind of heavenly mayo concoction. To be fair, they may have just recently raised their price $2; which could be related to the increase in beef pricing, yadda yadda. You get it.

Sidenote: The Lamar Lounge burger also has an Econo Burger available on their menu. This is a smaller portion size and can hold the same ingredients. A perk for those trying to eat less, or eat on a budget.

Bottom-line, good burger, we all agreed we would eat it again. We gave it a cumulative score of 14.5 out of 25.

Curious on how we score a burger? Brief breakdown on judging: burgers are judged on a scale of 1-5; 1 being the lowest, five the highest. Five categories: Style, Taste, Content, Satisfaction, and Price – max points a burger could receive are 25.

A special thank you to our guest judges Susan and Will for joining us in our Burger Revival. 

Tell us your thoughts! What do you think of the Lamar Lounge burger?

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