Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Help out a burger blogger!

I, Jill, may be a burger blogger, but I'm also a burgeoning filmmaker. And I could really use some help. I'm doing something known as crowdfunding. Basically, I am begging people to donate money to me so I can make a film. Actually, three films. Go big, or go home, or something like that! Here's a synopsis of what I propose to do:

The first three films in this series will be:

Things Street People Say
Anyone that has lived in a city has been panhandled. It seems that a panhandler will say almost anything to part their victim with a few dollars, with such excuses as "my baby needs food!" to "my car has broken down!" This film will cover the different techniques panhandlers use to part people with a dollar.  We hope to discover if there is a time-tested patter that is universal to all panhandlers.  By the way, sir, could you spare $750 for us to make a film?

Abandoned Building 
The homes and buildings we live and work in have stories just as interesting as the people that lived and worked in them. Urban sprawl, our aging population, and migrating populations have left behind buildings.  Homes, businesses, and public buildings slowly decay as their stories are lost.  This film will uncover the story of an abandoned building.

That Strange Thing on the Grocery Shelf
Once the local grocery was just that: a local store that carried regional foods which appealed to the resident culinary heritage. The local grocery stocked foods and preserved the regional diet.  The rise of the national grocery store chain has decreased region foods on the shelf and homogenized our diet.  The reason for sauerkraut juice and other regional foodstuffs is being lost as the last cans of these items disappear from store shelves. In "Strange Things on the Grocery Shelf," the 10 Minute Film team will discover the history behind regional food products and taste them to understand the why they are a part of our disappearing culinary history.  We will be eating some weird stuff, and we will need some Tums, so please donate!

If you are interested in helping out in whatever capacity, you can check out my indiegogo page!

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