Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Round Table on the Square

On a hot afternoon in Oxford, MS, we decided to give one of Oxford’s newer restaurants a try. The Round Table on the Square is located, as its name suggests, on the city square. Those who have frequented the many establishments in that area might remember that spot as The Blind Pig’s old address. They have many items on the menu classified as “southern fare,” but we were interested in the burger. Since we were there at 5:00 pm for dinner, we didn’t fight a crowd to get a table. We sat on the back patio, where we sat under an umbrella and listened to classic rock, playing the “I’m Out” game with the random songs.

Now, I have tried the Palomino Burger before, and it was delicious. That is a burger cooked to order with pimento cheese and bacon in addition to the regular burger condiments. To keep with the spirit of fairness, we may only rate what is considered the normal burger at any restaurant, so that’s what we ate. It was great.

The burger is cooked to order as I mentioned before, and the cooks were pretty accurate. Mine was medium rare, and was just as juicy as I hoped for. The ingredients are fresh, as their website suggests, and it sat between two slices of toasted ciabatta bread. The patty was seared and not too large for the bun. They only had two choices for cheese, cheddar and pepper jack, but that was fine with me as I love jack cheese. Overall, these elements combined to create a pretty tasty burger.

Greg's Round Table burger on ciabatta with fries

The price of the burger is $8.00 and that came with fries, which were great as well. Washing this meal down for me was a cold Miller High Life in the can. This was actually a plus for me, because I like when you can get a beer in a can at a restaurant. Two Stick does this with PBRs, as do other places in Oxford, and it makes me think of barbecues and get-togethers with friends.

If you would like the objective view, the three judges for this date, Beth, Jill and I, scored the burger in 5 categories: style, taste, content, satisfaction, and price, on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best. Here are our results:

Style:                        4
Taste:                        4
Content:                    4.5
Satisfaction:              4.8
Price:                         3.8

Overall, a score of 21.1 out of 25. This so far is a pretty high score, but this is only the second burger in Oxford that we have rated. They make a darn fine hamburger, I must say. Their vegetarian options were almost none, but they boast a nice southern “comfort food” menu. Some good burgers, good brews, and good friends made this experience a very pleasant one.

-Greg Earnest

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