Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Proud Larry's

The first restaurant to be scrutinized on our grand burger tour was Proud Larry's, located just off the Square on South Lamar. We opted to go on May 31st, a Tuesday, because Tuesday is 2-for-1 burgers and beer day. So a burger which might normally cost $7.95 (plus extra for cheese) will only cost you half the price! And it comes with fries!

I've eaten the Larry burger many times, all on Tuesdays. For the price, I've not been disappointed. But if I paid full price for the burger, I'd be a little underwhelmed, and my fellow judging panel and guest judge Melanie Addington agreed. Firstly, when asked how we would like our burgers cooked, we responded medium, medium rare, medium rare, and medium. But only the medium burgers were cooked properly; the medium rare burgers were also cooked to medium.  The size of the burgers was lovely, though. They weren't kidding around when they say it's 8 ounces of beef. I dare say it might be more. They do offer all the staple condiments (lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle on the side, mayonnaise, and ketchup) as well as creole mustard and a toasted wheat bun, though we all felt the wheat bun detracted from the burger for some reason. Additionally, they offer a selection of six cheeses: cheddar, swiss, mozzarella, provolone, bleu, and pepperjack. The ingredients, sans the lettuce, were all fresh and tasty.

Beth's Larry Burger with onion, swiss, lettuce, and fries

Overall, Greg, Beth, Melanie, and I gave the Larry burger a 17.25 out of 25. It's not a bad burger, but not the best. At the end of our meal, we were full. It was a lot of food, and for the price, it's a deal you really can't turn down. For around $10, you get two burgers and two High Lifes. 

Words from Katherine, our fry judge: The fries weren't bad. But don't dip them in mustard.

-Jillian Pecoraro

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